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Sustainability Report, Pathways + Employee Recognition Gift

Karo Syncrude Sustainablity Header

Sustainability reporting is a requirement, but it can be so much more.

Karo Syncrude Sustainablity

When you’re talking about sustainability, it makes sense to go paperless.

Syncrude’s 2015 sustainability report is a seamless web experience that allows you to customize and build your own PDF with only the information you need. It breaks massive amounts of information into colourful and digestible pieces, allowing the reader to engage at their own comfort level.

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Syncrude’s reporting doesn’t begin or end with the environment.

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Pathways is an annual publication highlighting Syncrude’s Aboriginal employees and partners.

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The feature spread in this year’s Pathways told the story of Fort McKay volunteer firefighters who helped battle the wildfire that rampaged through Fort McMurray in Spring 2016.

As the wildfire spread, Syncrude staff played a huge role in assisting the community. Including successfully completing the first total plant shut down in just 24 hours.

Karo Syncrude Pathways Spread 1
Karo Syncrude Pathways Spread 2
Karo Syncrude Pathways Spread 3
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Syncrude staff played a huge role in assisting the community during the Fort McMurray wildfire.

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The Syncrude Proud brand and several custom gifts were designed to recognize the staff’s efforts.

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Karo Syncrude Employee Gift 3
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Engaging with staff and stakeholders is an ongoing commitment for Syncrude. One we’re proud to support.


Sustainability Report, Pathways + Employee Recognition Gift

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